Tuesday, 9 April 2013

British Vogue Signs up to New Code Protecting Models

British Vogue magazine has signed a 10-point code protecting models at work organised by Equity,(the trade union best known for representing actors and actresses) drawn up to improve the working conditions of models. 

The agreement stipulates that models hired by Vogue magazine will not work longer than 10 hours a day, will have adequate food provided and will not do any semi or fully nude shoots unless agreed in advance. The code also prohibits models under the age of 16 from being photographed for shoots representing adult models. Other requisites include mandatory breaks, changing rooms, transport, prompt payment and suitable temperatures for the clothes being modelled. The news follows the Vogue Health Initiative, which was launched in May 2012 - a pact between the 20 international editors of Vogue to encourage a healthier approach to body image within the industry.


  1. how does having a break, transport and prompt payment encourage a healthier approach to body image???

    i agree with all the above (but really, this should be standard practise... its not a pad on the back situation when you state that 'from now on i will treat human beings like human beings') but i don't see how this relates to a healthier conception of the body image. yes you can provide 'adequate' food, but as long as you keep retouching the shit out of models (who already are thin anyway) and promote a size 0 lifestyle within the images, NOTHING changes.

    only if you change the imagery, how and what you 'display' THEN you change the conception of a body image.

  2. lovely as that is where is the obvious lack of diversity... one problem at time i suppose :-/

  3. That photo is scary - she's not slim, she's malnourished. Look at her ribs and face!

  4. Why did they not have all of that before?!

    Also, there is a difference between skinny and unhealthily underweight. Honestly, there I don't find this image beautiful at all. It's just horrific that they promote and encourage girls to look like skeletons!


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