Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Most Beautiful Homes in the World: House on the Miño River, Spain, by Quico Jorreto

Galician architect Quico Jorreto designed this house overlooking the Miño River in the Northwest region of Spain. Divided into three parts, the residence comprises a carport that can be used as an exterior patio, a glass enclosed box that allows views of the surrounding mountains and the river below, and the enclosed volumes containing services, and living and sleeping areas.

The primary semi-buried volume contains a swimming pool that stretches over the entire roof plane and mirrors the river below. Alongside the pool, a metal mesh walkway conceals a courtyard below while allowing ventilation and light to all private areas of the home. The central living room and kitchen enjoy a panoramic south-facing window while two cores containing the bathrooms separate this social area from the private bedrooms and small office situated at either end of the structure. 

Photographs courtesy of Quico Jorreto

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