Monday, 27 May 2013

Unravelling the Success Secrets of Delusion Menswear

When I first came across the menswear brand Delusion on a visit to the fashion showcase Tranoï in Paris, my first thought was that this was a label whose designs deserved to stand out for their conceptual playfulness. Since it was founded by Ryan Heard in 2010 in Manchester, England, Delusion’s collections have revealed inspiration from 1980s Japanese fashion as well as the work produced by Belgian designers during the 1990s, and used accomplished techniques to create original structures.

With such noteworthy conceptual and manufacturing processes behind the label, it has not come as a surprise that, in just a few years, Delusion has garnered interest by significant retailers and became available in stores in France, Germany, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, UK and the USA. Furthermore, its clothes have become popular with consumers owing to its ingenious investigation into the deconstruction, disintegration and distortion of textiles, as well as trialling new wash and manufacturing techniques; all leading to the creation of appealing asymmetric shapes and cuts.

Bearing in mind that this is a label that The Style Examiner considers genuinely interesting, we are delighted to partner with online retailer Intro Clothing to offer our readers a 15% discount when purchasing Delusion pieces from the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter ranges. All you have to do is use the code styleexaminer15 on the checkout page when purchasing an item by Delusion by 30 November 2013. Happy shopping!

Photographs courtesy of Delusion 

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