Thursday, 19 December 2013

The most beautiful homes in the world: Villa Sterk, The Netherlands, by Inbo

Dutch architecture studio Inbo has unveiled images of its recently completed Villa Sterk, a countryside single-storey house with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and ample areas surrounded by tree walls that provide privacy to its residents.

Located on a wide and long plot on the outskirts of Bontebok, a village north of Heerenveen, the house is designed within the landscape context. A driveway leads visitors through small woodland to the entrance gate and onto a landscaped garden. Inside, the house comprises a small section with a storage area and private office, and a larger side containing the main residential areas, which include an open-plan living and dining room, two bedrooms and a study.

The floors, ceilings and internal walls of the house are made of concrete finished with natural white stone or stucco. The heat and cold storage in the ground ensures that no gas is needed and, together with a strip of solar panels in the garden, the house is efficient in its usage of energy.

Photographs by Auke van der Weide, courtesy of Inbo

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  1. Very good! What program was used?


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