Sunday, 26 January 2014

Francisco van Benthum Autumn/Winter 2014 Menswear

Francisco van Benthum’s creations undoubtedly stood out amidst the Autumn/Winter 2014 collections with an exclusive focus on menswear unveiled during the latest edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam in late January 2014.

Photograph © João Paulo Nunes / The Style Examiner

Anchored by a colour palette of predominant shades of black, white, grey and red, the collection combined elements of sportswear with conventional masculine tailoring while attempting (and largely succeeding) to push boundaries of menswear at many levels: dual shapes were present in trousers with wide waist lines that tapered at the ankle or revealed pleats on one side and large belt loops on the other, shoulders were either relaxed and slouched or created rigid angularities, bomber jackets and football scarves coexisted with belted raincoats and double-breasted overcoats, and plain-coloured fabrics alternated with pixilated patterns and Banksy-inspired street art prints.
In spite of an overly concern with political messaging and on taking hooliganism-related imagery as a conceptual starting point that didn’t always go beyond literal representations, Francisco van Benthum’s collection evidenced original tailoring and a playful approach to print and colour combination that made it one of the highlights of the latest showcase event for Dutch fashion.

Photograph © João Paulo Nunes / The Style Examiner

Photograph © João Paulo Nunes / The Style Examiner

Unless otherwise stated, photographs are © Team Peter Stigter, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. With thanks to Bloggernet for arranging the stay in Amsterdam and accreditation necessary for the production of this article.

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