Sunday, 26 January 2014

Jonathan Christopher Homme Autumn/Winter 2014

A fashion collection that received one of the most effusive reactions from the audiences that attended the latest edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam in late January 2014 was the one unveiled by the label Jonathan Christopher Homme. Featuring crowd-pleasing elements with a strong populist penchant, the Autumn/Winter 2014 menswear range by the young Jonathan Christopher featured an array of commercial collaborations that underpinned a very wearable succession of looks but begged the question if it belonged in a sartorial showcase such as a fashion week.

Photograph © João Paulo Nunes / The Style Examiner

This was a collection that unapologetically rejected the realm of high fashion and opted instead to bring together elements of urban style and sportswear to focus on the utilitarian and pragmatic dimensions imposed by everyday clothing: despite the odd nod at creativity in the form of painted patterns on fabrics or the exploration of fur and metallic materials, the silhouettes were largely conventional, contemporary staple menswear garments abounded (as evidenced in the numerous examples of tailored trousers and of varsity and bomber jackets), and with the exception of an interesting electric blue knitted cardigan the colour palette was sombre and rather dull.

Photograph © João Paulo Nunes / The Style Examiner

Photograph © João Paulo Nunes / The Style Examiner

Unless otherwise stated, photographs are © Team Peter Stigter, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. With thanks to Bloggernet for arranging the stay in Amsterdam and accreditation necessary for the production of this article.

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