Saturday, 8 February 2014

Brightening Spring in a Dazzling Colour Palette

Long recognised as the authority on propriety colour palettes, Pantone was a notable inclusion in last September‘s New York Fashion Week. Whilst fashion buyers and journalists were hastily making their way from catwalk to catwalk, Pantone‘s presence was barely felt during one of the most important showcases in the global fashion calendar. In spite of having assumed a discreet role at the event, the California-based company is responsible for cataloguing all existing variations of every single colour in annual archives that designers, and all those interested in design, have come to follow with avidity.

image courtesy Pantone

According to Pantone’s assessment of the New York sartorial week, Spring 2014 looks set to be a battle between bold, brash and vibrant tropical colours and the more delicate earthy tones of modernised vintage. Placid Blue combined with Comfrey are set to fly in the face of the old ‘blue and green, never to be seen’ fashion mantra and provide a fresh, masculine and seasonally inspired look for spring. In addition, Cayenne Red, Celosia Orange and Freesia are moving away from the traditionally feminine fashion standards and are gradually becoming more popular with men.

image courtesy Pantone

Alongside these refreshing palettes comes Dazzling Blue and Magenta Purple with Radiant Orchid (Pantone’s colour of 2014) which, when combined in the right order, have the potential to create dynamic, high voltage designs that will become highly fashionable this spring. And, also according to Pantone, hues such as Purple Haze, Violet Tulip and Paloma are also set to be favourites come April.

With so many options in mind, one thing is certain: for anyone with the slightest degree of fashion-consciousness, the myriad of options this Spring will be positively pervasive not only for women but also for men, who will have a comprehensive selection of men’s designer clothes available across fashion retailers to allow the possibility of creating unique styles.

image courtesy Pantone

image courtesy Max Mara Spring/Summer 2014 Womenswear

image courtesy Burberry Spring/Summer 2014 menswear

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