Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pringle of Scotland Autumn/Winter 2014 Womenswear

Remaining true to Pringle of Scotland’s resolute intent to incorporate technical innovation into its design concepts since it was founded in 1815, designer Massimo Nicosia conceived a womenswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2014 for the Scottish fashion brand that revealed accomplished experimentation with fabrics and textures. Unveiled in an elegant salon format amidst the refined atmosphere of the Savile Club in London’s Mayfair, the collection was presented on models who walked through a series of rooms to guests sitting around tables covered in white linen.

Photograph © The Style Examiner / João Paulo Nunes

Photograph © The Style Examiner / João Paulo Nunes

In spite of the conventional setting, the collection pushed the traditional boundaries with which the brand is associated by introducing urban silhouettes (suggesting glimpses of sportswear) and by fusing knitted and woven processes in a balanced juxtaposition of flat two-dimensional fabrics against highly textural elements. To achieve this result, Nicosia worked with architect and material scientist Richard Beckett to create a series of three-dimensional printed fabrics through new technology never previously used in the creation of a ready-to-wear collection. 

Sharply flat garments such as jackets and coats made from folded melton fabric, slouched trousers in a tuxedo batavia material, twin-set style merino wool sweaters, and a relaxed polo shirt in 100% silk were paired with textured pieces such as alpaca pencil skirts, classic knit jumpers embroidered with sequins to replicate a cable stitch, jacquard knits interlocked with embroideries, and hand-knits decorated with artisanal detailing. The colour palette adopted was purposefully plain (with predominant whites, blacks and greys, and accents of orange and red) so that the focus was not just on Pringle of Scotland's heritage but on creating innovative hybrid looks not only be resorting to new manufacturing technologies but also by revealing confident layering combinations of garments, colours and textures.

Unless otherwise specified, photographs are courtesy of Pringle of Scotland

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